Pastor Wegener Shares His Christmas Memory

Jason Wegener is the associate pastor at Christ Church in Katy, Tx. Pastor Wegener shares his Christmas memory with True Christmas Magazine.

“When I think of my best childhood Christmas memory, it always involves going to my grandparent’s house. We lived about eight hours away, so we would have our family Christmas early and then head to my grandma and grandpa’s house in Missouri on December 23 or 24.

It was always cold, sometimes it was snowy, and I would always hope and pray for a white Christmas. I’m sure my dad was not hoping because he had to drive in the snow as we made our way there. I remember the excitement I felt as we got closer to their house. It was often dark out by the time we arrived, but when I saw the lights of their home, the cold and darkness of the winter evening just melted away! My grandpa would often light a kerosene lantern and hang it from a nail over their porch – not because they needed the light, but likely because he remembered using it as a child before the days of electricity.

Inside their house, it was busy with my aunts, my uncles, and my cousins. There was always a lot of food, and my cousins would try to play practical jokes on one another. We called these “traps” as they often involved things falling on their head or walking into a maze of string! I never felt like my “traps” were as sophisticated as my older cousins. I’m sure my grandma was always wondering what might be happening inside of her home, but she never let on like she was worried about it.

Christmas morning typically included my grandma’s amazing cinnamon rolls. Once everyone was assembled, my grandpa would read the Christmas story from Luke or Matthew and then we would open the Christmas gifts. After opening the gifts, we ate the Christmas feast followed by hours and hours of playing games and more snacking. It always seemed to end too soon.

As I look back on it, our trip each year there seems emblematic to the coming of Christ. We live in a world darkened by sin, but Christ came, and He is the light (John 1:4)! If we are outside of Christ, we should desire to come into the light and peace of Christ. And when we turn to Christ in faith, we can enter fellowship with Him and His church. There is life and light as we walk in fellowship with our family in Christ.”