One Sin God Will Not Forgive

One Sin God Will Not Forgive
“So, I tell you, people can be forgiven for every sin and everything they say against God. But whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” -Matthew 12:31

Talking bad about the Holy Spirit is known as blasphemy. It is a serious sin that God does not take lightly. If anyone does it, they will never be forgiven. But there is forgiveness for other forms of sin and blasphemy. A person can be forgiven if they speak against God or the Son of Man, but speaking against the Holy Spirit is forbidden.

Jesus talked about blasphemy to the leaders of Israel. He accused them of it when they called the Holy Spirit Beelzebub, the ruler of demons. What they were doing was an unpardonable sin because they were saying that the miracles Jesus was performing was power given to Him by Satan rather than the Holy Spirit.

This sin is not the same as rejecting the gospel. Anyone can deny Jesus as Savior for years, then repent, believe, and be saved. The same goes for people who wander away from God yet can be restored and return into fellowship with Him. Some doubt that this sin can be committed today because no one does miracles like Jesus did anymore.

It is a good sign if a person is concerned about committing blasphemy. It is evidence that they are not guilty of doing it. On the other hand, the leaders of Israel who were doing it were unrelenting in their opposition to Christ. They had no problem with insulting the Spirit and no hesitation in plotting the death of Jesus. They never showed any remorse or repentance either.

Prayer of the day:

Dear heavenly Father,

Help us not to sin against the Holy Spirit because it is a sin that is never forgiven. Give us the wisdom to recognize if we are about to do it. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit to help us in times of trouble and temptation. Because of Your mercy we are forgiven over and over again, even if we wander away from You. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!