Pastor Blouin Shares His Christmas Memory

John Blouin is the senior pastor of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He shares his most memorable Christmas memory with True Christian Magazine.

John’s earliest memory:

“I remember when I was little, we used to live with my grandparents. My grandfather would put lights up every year and the whole block would be decorated. Ms. Wilburn, Mr. Steward, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Busby, Mr. Terry, Mr. Danato, and Mr. Taylor’s houses would line the street from Marchant to Letrium down Donegal Way (if I remember the names of the streets correctly) with lighted arches.

There would be remnants of Christmas all through the house, from the den to the living room. We had a fireplace, and my grandparents hung a stocking for all of us. A silver garland would be draped across that big brick fireplace and the Christmas tree was in the corner next to it by the TV. There were never any gifts under the tree until Christmas day. We would bake and put out cookies and milk for Santa the night before. Almost too excited to sleep, they would make us go to bed early on Christmas Eve (probably so they could wrap gifts).

One Christmas morning, I remember getting up and running into the living room and I saw Santa eating cookies and drinking the milk in a full suit! It didn't dawn on me that Santa was black and looked exactly like my grandfather.

To this day, that's one of my fondest memories that I look back on and I want to bring the same joy to my children.

My grandfather was a great pastor, but even with all his responsibilities and obligations to his church, community, and his job, he always had time for his family and grandchildren.”