The Feeling of Being Found

The Feeling of Being Found
“Then Jesus told them this story: ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep but loses one of them. Then he will leave the other ninety-nine sheep in the open field and go out and look for the lost sheep until he finds it. And when he finds it, he happily puts it on his shoulders and goes home. He calls to his friends and neighbors and says, “Be happy with me because I found my lost sheep.”’” — Luke 15:3-6

When we get lost, it is a scary feeling. We feel scared and confused not knowing where we are or where our loved one is. How about being lost and trying to get back to the place that makes us feel safe like our house? If anyone has ever been lost, it is a terrifying experience. We feel alone and the same feeling goes for us before Jesus finds us.

Before being found by Jesus, we were lost in sin with no way to escape from it. How many times have we tried to stop sinning or stop an addiction to something that controlled us? We all struggle with sin (Romans 3:23). Sin separates us from God which causes us to feel alone and lost. When Jesus finds us, He releases us from the bondage of sin that used to enslave us.

It is a great feeling to be found by Jesus. He provides us with security and hope. When Jesus finds us, our hearts and lives are changed and there is a big celebration in heaven for the changed person (Luke 15:10), like the man’s prodigal son that left his father to live in sin. The son eventually came back to his dad. When he did, his father welcomed him with open arms and forgave him. The father was happy because his son was sorry for what he did. As a result, the father celebrated because the son was lost, but now he is found (Luke 15:32) and the same goes for us.

Prayer of the day:

Dear heavenly Father,

We were once all lost souls until Jesus found us. The feeling of being found is a great feeling. It gives us a reason to celebrate our new life in Christ. Being found is a great feeling because it frees us from sin that used to control us. What a reason to praise God. All honor and glory belong to You, Jesus. Amen!