The Day That Jesus Died

The Day That Jesus Died
“After this, Jesus knew that everything had been done. So that the Scripture would come true, He said, ‘I am thirsty.’ There was a jar full of vinegar there, so the soldiers soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a branch of a hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus’ mouth. When Jesus tasted the vinegar, He said, ‘It is finished.’ Then He bowed His head and died.” -John 19:28-30

This was the day Jesus died. It was and still is a great day for Christians. We remember it as a day we were saved from death, sin and Satan’s power over us. During Jesus’ time on the cross, God deserted Him to fulfill His plan for salvation and for Jesus to suffer the penalty for our sins. On that day, it was a day of loneliness for Jesus because all His disciples had abandoned Him except for John. It was a day that Jesus suffered pain and humiliation. He had His hands and feet nailed to a cross. People hit and spit on Him.

On that day, the religious leaders arrested Jesus. They arrested Jesus and had Him sent to Pontius Pilate. The religious leaders wanted Pilate to charge Jesus with a crime and sentence Him to death (John 18:28-37). Pilate did not find any reason to sentence Jesus to death, so Pilate sent Jesus to Herod. Herod tried to ask Jesus questions, but Jesus refused to answer him, so Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate (Luke 23:6-12). Even though Pilate found Jesus’ innocent, he still sentenced Jesus to death because he feared the people (Luke 23:23-24).

Jesus was then led away to Calvary to be crucified (Luke 23:26-31). He carried His own cross along the way. At Calvary, the soldiers nailed Jesus hands and feet to the cross. They placed a sign over His head that said, "The King of the Jews." While on the cross, the soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothes and onlookers shouted insults at Him (Mark 15:29). He was also crucified with two other criminals with one also shouting insults at Him (Luke 23:39). Jesus was on the cross for about six hours before dying. Before dying Jesus committed His spirit to God by saying, “Father, I give You, my life.” Then He died (Luke 23:46).

Prayer of the day:

Dear heavenly Father,

The day that Jesus died is a great day for us. That day we were set free from sin, death, and Satan’s power. It is all by Your grace that we are saved. Your plans of salvation of the world are bigger than we can comprehend. We pray that You will continue to show mercy to us and our loved ones. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!