Remembering Our Savior

Remembering Our Savior
“But He was wounded for the wrong we did; He was crushed for the evil we did. The punishment, which made us well, was given to Him, and we are healed because of His wounds.” - Isaiah 53:5

Good Friday is a day to remember Jesus, our savior. We remember Him as our only access to our Father and what He had to endure so we will not forget. On the day before His death, He shared a Passover meal with His disciples, had communion with them, and washed His disciples’ feet including Judas, who betrayed Him (John 13:2-17, John 13:21-30). Later that day, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane three times for God to take away the things He was about to endure (Luke 22:39-44). Afterwards, soldiers arrested Him and turned Him over to the religious leaders (John 18:1-9).

On the next day, the Jewish leaders brought Jesus to Pontius Pilate to stand trial (Mark 15:1, Matthew 27:1-2). Without a reason to convict Jesus, Pilate sent Him to Herod. Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate after He refused to answer Herod's questions. After returning to Pilate, Jesus was sentenced to death after the people wanted Barabbas released instead of Him. This happened because it was a custom to release one Jewish prisoner at this feast time (Mark 15:6-15).

Jesus was led away to Calvary to be crucified. The soldiers took His garments and as they did, Jesus prayed for them asking God to forgive them (Luke 23:34). He was nailed to the cross. People around Him including the soldiers and the leading priests insulted and mocked Him for not being able to save Himself (Matthew 27:39-40, Luke 23:36-37). One of the criminals who was crucified next to Jesus also mocked Him (Luke 23:39).

Jesus’ last words in Luke 23:46 were, “Father, I give you my life.” After He said this, He died. What a great reminder on this Good Friday that Jesus willingly gave His life to God to save ours (John 3:16).

Prayer of the day:

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you for Jesus. He is the reason we celebrate Good Friday and Easter. We celebrate Him because He suffered and died for us. He is our only access to You in heaven. Jesus’ death also saves us from eternal punishment that we deserve. That is why He is worthy of praise, glory and honor. In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen!