Do Not Make Promises that You Cannot Keep

Do Not Make Promises that You Cannot Keep
It is better not to promise anything than to promise something and not do it.

-Ecclesiastes 5:5

Have you ever made a promise that you could not keep? If so, there is a reason why the Bible recommends us not to make promises. Sometimes, it is impossible for us to keep a promise because we are sinners and are nothing like God. God is faithful in keeping His promises because He is holy and perfect unlike us.

There can be consequences in making a promise even though our intentions might be good at the time we make the promise. A promise can have a negative effect on others too. King Herod made a promise to his wife’s daughter in Matthew 14. He made an oath to her to give her anything she wanted after she danced for him on his birthday. She requested to have John the Baptist beheaded and his head on a platter. Although King Herod was very sad with her request, he had made a promise, and his dinner guests heard him. Herod ordered what she asked for to be done. His soldiers went to the prison and cut John’s head off and placed it on a platter (Matthew 14: 6-10).

Even though King Herod’s life is an extreme example of the consequence of making promises, we should not make a quick decision in making promises without God’s help. Not every promise we make will have the same result as King Herod. Some promises are positive and will make God happy like a vow we make to our spouse in marriage. Making a promise is a big commitment so be sure you follow through with it.

Prayer of the day:

Dear heavenly Father,

You are faithful in keeping Your promises. We see Your faithfulness every day in our lives. Help us not to make a promise that we cannot keep. According to the Scriptures, making promises can have a negative impact in our life and in the life of others. When we do make a promise, give us the power to stick to it so we won’t hurt others or hurt us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!